Working with Hartland Digital

Hartland Digital is Stefan Knapp and Christian Nyberg. We have been working together since 1992, and opened Hartland Digital together in 2009, which means this year is our tin or aluminum anniversary. I’m going to get Stefan a really neat can.

You are looking for photography that will make your product shine and you don’t want to have to jump through hoops to get it.

You want to work with a small group who knows what they’re doing, understands what you want, and will be with you every step of the way until that’s achieved.

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You want friendly, approachable people who will treat you like family but respect your role as client.

You’ll be confident in knowing we can deliver the end result or surpass your expectations in the time you need it.

Feel confident in sending us work to do on our own, or choose to come to the studio and be a part of the whole process.

What to Expect

Our obsession with detail, involvement through the whole project, and delivery of breathtaking photography will make you realize you’ve chosen the right group. We know this is a collaboration, and we have the ongoing relationships to prove it. We look at you as a partner as well as aclient.

We listen to you. Tell us, or better yet, show us examples of what you want, and we will do it. With access to the best photographers, set builders, and designers, we can bring your vision to life whether that means building a set in studio or organizing a flawless location shoot.

What You Won’t Get

Clueless creatives who need to create their spin on your vision and take forever doing it.

A giant factory of a studio where you are one in a hundred clients being churned through.

Lame excuses for not delivering what you want.

Bad jokes. (Okay, that’s a lie - Sorry in advance.)

The Process From Beginning to End

While each client and job are different, we tend to follow the same basic path with every shoot. After you tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll prepare a detailed estimate for you. The more details you can give us, the better: dates, what we’re shooting, set needs, model need, special prop needs, etc.

Look over our estimate and let’s have a chat. Let’s see how we can work together and what we can offer you/how we can meet your needs.

Everything sound good? Great! We’ll both sign off on the estimate and then get to work. If we don’t already have the sets and props you want, we’ll start to build, scour the earth for props, and prepare everything to your specifications. Need models? We’ll hire them. Want a small white dog to help sell your stuff? We’ll find him. Hate beige props? We’ll destroy them all.  

We’ll keep you updated with our progress and send you pics along the way, or you can be hands off and trust our creative judgment.

During the shoot:

Morning 1 usually requires a short period for us all to meet and get organized, and then we’re off and running! Let’s check out your set(s) and meet the photographers and designers, then we’ll pop off a few test shots to make sure we’re on the right path.

Some clients prefer to be right on set the whole time, while others like to pop open their laptop and get cozy on a couch or work table. We’ll come find you to approve shots.

This is where it gets fun. The ideas are flying, the shots are happening, and magic is being made, right before your eyes. (That sounds cheesy.) Let us know of any concerns or questions at any point along the way. We want this to be an amazing collaborative experience for you.

Once all the photography is wrapped up and gorgeous, we’ll jump into post production. After that, sit back, kick your shoes off, revel in the fact that you don’t have to hear any more bad jokes or puns, and rest assured that you’re getting an exceptional finished product.

Wow that’s a lot of writing for a photography studio website. We promise in person we don’t talk this much.